Our Merger and Consolidation Services Streamline Operations 

Optimize Your Technology Landscape and Increase Efficiencies

Drive efficiencies to meet your evolving business needs

Mergers, acquisitions and consolidations are becoming more common within the government contracting industry. These activities are often complicated, time consuming, and subject to unique regulations and compliance requirements. Deciding on a unified ERP system is also very important if the companies are looking to maximize the benefits of the merger through consolidated business processes and reporting.

We deliver best in class solutions that enable businesses to thrive

ERP implementations and conversions

cloud migrations


of business is from repeat customers

We can help with identifying potential challenges, redundancies, process improvements, and the necessary reporting to ensure a smooth transition.


  • Redesign & Configuration
  • Multi-Company Setup
  • Master & Historical Data Load
  • Best Practices and Support
  • Mapping & Reconciliation
  • User Groups Security Setup
  • Go Live Support
  • Dashboard & Report Development
  • Project Management

We leverage cutting-edge technology to streamline processes, enhance customer experiences and drive growth.

Trusted Experts and Proven Methodology

Our team of seasoned experts have worked as end users, former consultants, technical architects, subject matter experts and project managers and have extensive knowledge and experience working with multiple ERP and other business systems at government agencies, non-profits and commercial organizations.  

With our strategic alignment, industry expertise, and proven methodologies, we empower your organization to unlock the full potential of your projects.

Why Customers Choose

Our Merger and Consolidation Services

    Our merger and consolidation services optimize your technology landscape and increase efficiencies. We help identify potential challenges, redundancies and process improvements and provide the necessary reporting to ensure a smooth transition.

    • IMPROVED user experience
    • INCREASED efficiency
    • COST savings
    • SINGLE source of data
    • IMPROVED business intelligence
    • REDUCED risk
    • SIMPLIFIED audits

    “We had to merge different ERP systems after a large acquisition. Thanks to Infotek, the transition was seamless and we were able to provide uninterrupted service to our customers.”

    Mike C.

    CIO, Government Contractor

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    Our Merger and Consolidation services streamline operations to reduce business complexities and costs.