Simplifies Data Migration

We believe that transforming and validating feed data into formats that ERP systems require for upload should be simple.

That’s why we built DataLoader.

DataLoader makes it fast and easy to migrate master and historical data from CSV and XLSX to your ERP system. The diagram below shows data flowing from QuickBooks to Costpoint. QB2CP takes feed data from two sources, Microsoft Excel and CSV files.  The feed data is extracted using a 3rd party connection tool, pulling it into Microsoft Excel, where that data can be aggregated using Microsoft’s Query Editor producing the feed source for QB2CP.

Data Loader

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Why Customers

Choose DataLoader

Migrating master and historical data to your ERP system can be a complex, time consuming process. DataLoader provides a secure and automated solution for this exact challenge by transforming and validating feed data into formats that ERP systems require for upload. It is easy to use, with the ability to set it and forget it, and is a repeatable solution, creating cost savings.

  • SIMPLE mapping 
  • DATA integrity
  • COMPLIANCE and security
  • EASY data load and reconciliation
  • SET it and forget it

“It was so easy to set up and simple to use DataLoader. The automation gives us significant time and cost savings.” 

Shannon P.

Vice President of IT, Government Contractor

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DataLoader simplifies data migration from CSV and XLSX to ERP Systems.