Replicon Time Tracking and Polaris Time and Resourcing

For Professional Service Firms

Infotek Consulting proudly partners with Replicon to deliver AI-powered Time and Resource management solutions for global businesses. The market-leading solutions provide a single source of truth for Time, Expense, Projects, Resources, Skills, Billing, Costing, Pay, Revenue Recognition, and Labor & Wage Compliance. Designed for global scalability and configurability, Replicon enables businesses to drive both global governance and local administration across distributed teams, resulting in increased productivity and streamlined business operations.

Replicon Time Tracking

Manage project time tracking, workforce management, and global labor law compliance for accurate billing, payroll and minimize labor compliance risks.

Time & Billing

Track time, expenses, manage resources and bill your clients

Project Costing

Manage projects and resources to allocate cost

Time Off

Automate and enforce all time-off policies

Time & Attendance

Automate and streamline your time and attendance process

All-in-One Time Tracking

Easy to use and configurable

Choose products that work for your business

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    Easy to use

    One system to track time for all employee types in any location. Log time and approve from anywhere in the office or in the field.

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    Flexible and Configurable

    Fits the way your business works and meets your unique needs.

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    Configurable Timesheets

    Reduce errors and improve compliance with individualized timesheets that looks the way you want and fits your business.

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    Real-time Reporting

    Gain insight into finances and report on anything with a few clicks.

Polaris Time and Resourcing

An end-to-end platform to manage projects, tasks, resources, skills, and simplify project time tracking, and workforce management while adhering to global labor regulations.

AI-powered project Time Tracking for Accurate Billing

Automated Capture of Project Time Data

Automatically capture accurate project time data from more than 100 work apps such as Zoom, Jira, Slack, Asana, and more.

Freedom from Manual Timesheet Entries

With AI-powered timesheets, aujtomatically track billable hours for accurate billing. Assemble pre-filled timesheets for employees to only review and submit.

Privacy-first, AI-powered Timesheets

We follow a privacy-first approach, allowing employees to select work apps for timesheet approval without using employee data to train or improve our AI models.

Configurable Project Time Tracking

Flexible Project Time Capture

Leverage our configurable timesheets to capture time according to your business rules. With the mobile app employees can submit time entries from anywhere, anytime, and on any device with a simple push of a button. Empower your mobile workforce with Face ID®, Touch ID® and chatbot, GPS Tracking and Geofencing capability.

Configurable Approvals

Define multi-level approval workflows that make sense for your business. Use real-time data validation to create dynamic routing of timesheets to the right people. Include project managers, supervisors, and other key people.

Advanced Validation Rules

Eliminate billing errors by flagging timesheet inaccuracies at source. Leverage our validation rules to provide data that meets the unique policies and/or compliance needs of your government contracting business.

Compliance-first Workforce Management

Time & Attendance Tracking and Time Off Booking

Ensure automated, compliant time & attendance capture with Al-powered timesheets. Let your employees book regular and overtime hours, and time off requests from their preferred device.

Touchless Clock-in/out with Advanced CloudClock

Automatically capture employee clock -in/out with facial recognition capabilities and voice commands. Enable contactfess punch-in/out and minimize time theft.

Gross PayCalculation & Payroll Workbench

Configure premiums, union, collective bargaining agreements and other rules to calculate complex gross pay for employees. Seamlessly manage pay data validations, exceptions from payroll workbench and automate payroll exports to leading ERPs or any other payroll integration provider, such as Ceridian, Paychex, Paylocity, PayServ, and ADP.

Project & Resource Management

Improved Visibility into Projects and Tasks

Gain real-time visibility into ongoing projects and tasks, upcoming projects, pending resource requests with Al/ML-powered SmartBeats. Review all project and resource data in real-time to make informed decisions.

Improved Resource Utilization with Full Transparency on Resources and Skills

Gain real-time visibility into all upcoming and ongoing projects, resource requests, resource availability, updated skills & certifications to drive effective resource allocation. Significantly improve resource utilization by allocating the right resource with right skills to the right projects.

Al-powered Project Risk Mitigation

Proactively identify project risk levels with our Al-powered project risk scoring. Mitigate project risks to ensure on-time, on-budget service delivery.

Built-in Global Labor Law Compliance

Labor Law-compliant Time Capture

Eliminate non-compliance at source with built-in compliance checks or custom validation rules.

Pay Rules Library

Our pre-configured pay rules library supports 375 labor rules in 147+ jurisdictions across 85+ countries. The pay rules library is constantly maintained by our in-house compliance experts to always stay on top of evolving labor laws.

Compliance Dashboard

Stay in-the-know on compliance best practices and updates through our compliance dashboard and resource library.

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