Integrate your ERP System with GoodHire via InfotekBridge REST APIs

Secure and Automated

GoodHire Background Checks and Accounting Integration are an Arizona-based private investigative service that provides a host of services to business and industry clients, and is easily integrated within your ERP system. The company is known for its high standards and commitment to quality, as well as providing quick results. With more than 35 years experience, GoodHire service providers are recognized as professionals in the industry who can meet the needs of employers and consumers alike. Their comprehensive background report and credit check reports provide vital information on companies and their employees, including criminal and driving record information.

These investigative services are often used by employers to conduct pre-screening and pre-employment background checks. GoodHire provides a host of optional services to business owners and consumers alike. The Company is committed to protecting the privacy of individuals and businesses alike and will work closely with clients to ensure that their sensitive data is handled in a confidential and safe manner. The services provided by GoodHire include background check, criminal records, bankruptcies, and driving history reports.