Integrate your ERP System with openGSA data via InfotekBridge REST APIs

Secure and Automated

Integrating GSA data with crucial business platforms such as your ERP system is a powerful feature tp to consider when implementing GSA data within your company’s data systems. GSA integration allows you to integrate business intelligence tools with the financial data, knowledge bases and other data sources using the open source platform. This allows for quick access to business intelligence data from any ERP platform without the need to develop complex business intelligence applications. ERP systems often contain legacy data which can slow application response time. As a result, integrating openGSA real-time data within your ERP gives you the ability to rapidly access new business intelligence/operational data.

Futher integration with popular enterprise software such as ERP system, Microsoft Dynamics and Solomon can simplify the technical work involved in implementing the GSA data model and provide maximum ROI by removing manual data entry. You will also save a substantial amount of money on technical support fees from purchasing more expensive commercial software for updating your ERP system. You will also save money in personnel costs by eliminating unnecessary training costs for your employees required when they need to modify business procedures to use the GSA data model.

Open source GSA data integration provides the ability to store and manage large volumes of sensitive and valuable business data securely and conveniently. You will also be able to easily integrate this information with other GSA data sources including those maintained by third parties. This makes it easier to access information on cost factors for purchasing, assets management, human resources, inventory and other areas. GSA information is available at anytime which ensures easy access to information anytime you require it. This makes the data secure and safe to be shared with anyone who needs to access it for any reason.