Integrate your ERP System with Microsoft Office 365 via InfotekBridge REST APIs

Secure and Automated

Microsoft Office 365 is a great cloud-based collaboration and accounting tool for companies of all sizes. This software offers intuitive features for users and can help them collaborate and manage their businesses effectively. There are many ways to use Microsoft Office 365 for business automation. Microsoft Office 365 integrates well with your ERP system which includes all the popular features such as invoice, bill pay, expense, commission pay, project pay, contact, task, and Outlook functions. The product also comes packed with a large number of Web Services for e-commerce, customer support, social media marketing, surveys, alerts, and much more.

We can help you integrate Microsoft Dynamics CRM with your ERP system. To do this, first you need to configure your ERP System on your company’s intranet. After this is done, you can then utilize InfotekBridge and select “Integrate Microsoft Dynamics CRM with your ERP system.” It’s that easy to integrate Microsoft Office 365 with your ERP system.